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a new lens!

Posted in photography on May 31, 2008 by chris

added a third lens to my camera bag this week–a 50mm 1.4. primarily for portraits, but i think it’s a great all-around lens. it will be my first choice on most shoots, but it’s obviously not practical when a wide shot is necessary.

the house next to ours is for sale, and the backyards are delineated in one spot by dandelions. but as i feel the photo shows, even weeds can be pretty when shot at the right angle.



Posted in design, inspiration on May 27, 2008 by chris

i used to have a pepsi problem. when i was in high school/college, i would drink anywhere from 3-4, likely more than that, per day. now it’s not so bad–one per day at the most (usually; exceptions are made for vacations and extreme fatigue).

this year pepsi has been allowing people to submit designs for their bottles & cans. of course, i’m all over that. here’s my first stab at it. there’s a template and various color criteria that you must abide by, but other than that, it’s pretty wide open. whaddya think? suggestions?


Posted in Uncategorized on May 23, 2008 by chris

question: what’s the term for using all your letters in a scrabble match?

i’ve known my wife for 6 years, and we’ve played dozens of scrabble games. i’ve never come close to beating her. ever.


Posted in photography on May 18, 2008 by chris

whoever (whomever?) owned our house before us planted a few lilies in the backyard around the deck. they bloom in late spring, usually, and only last about 2 weeks before they die. but they’re pretty while they last. here’s the first one that bloomed this year.

around the bend

Posted in photography on May 16, 2008 by chris

the spot this picture was taken from is only about 200 feet from where i sit at work. as you can tell from the satellite shot, the office is completely surrounded by woods, which is really nice. there’s about 2 miles of paths lacing around the building, so when it’s a nice day, it’s good to get outside for some fresh air.