ahn ree

This week I’ve had the opportunity to do some fashion shoots for the first time. While I’ve taken plenty of portraits, this was the first time I’ve had to consciously pay attention to the clothes and the model as a whole, being sure that enough emphasis would be put on both. I was a little nervous when I got the assignment (for URGE), but I did some research & went into the shoot feeling pretty confident.

The above shots of Ali and Chris are my two favorites.

Overall the shoots were a lot of fun; the locations were cool & the models had good camera presence. They made things easy.

The clothes and models were provided by Henry, a shop in downtown Richmond run by Rudy & Billy:

They’re cool guys & the shop’s awesome, so be sure to check out their stuff!

Thanks to everyone for a fun couple hours of shooting!


2 Responses to “ahn ree”

  1. Chris! Again, wow! I am soooo impressed! All great, really. Congrats! Let us know which ones they use. xo

  2. Sharon & Chip & Megan Says:

    Good for you! Next you’ll be shooting in Milan…

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