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salon nirvana website

Posted in design, dreamweaver, freelance, photography, photoshop, sitegrinder, web design on February 22, 2009 by chris


finished up another web design project this weekend:  100% of the site was done by me: the photography, design, writing, coding…it was a long process to get it going, but it’s finally there.

i’ve known the owner of the salon for about 12 years now.  i started out doing their logo, and have designed everything from their business cards to direct mail.  she and her staff are great people to know, and they do great at their job.  if you’re in the richmond area & need a haircut (or manicure or massage, for that matter), head over there!


website re-launch

Posted in design, dreamweaver, freelance, lightroom, magazine photography, photography, photoshop, sitegrinder, web design on February 4, 2009 by chris


Last night I discovered, by good fortune, that my website was down (due to a corrupt .xml file, I think). As I’ve been actively promoting my business in 2009, this was not good. So I took the opportunity to do a complete re-design and upgrade.

The new design is something I’ve been kinda tinkering with for a couple of weeks, but was holding onto it until I was ready to commit to re-doing the site. It’s much deeper than my original site, and gives the visitor a better look at my business and what I can do for my photography and design customers. The site was built with a combination of Photoshop, SiteGrinder, Lightroom, and Dreamweaver.

Of course, it’s not “done”; there are still a few upgrades I’m working on, especially on the contact page. I also am working on integrating joomla as I continue to learn that.

So hop on over there and take a look. All feedback is welcomed!