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announcing chris owens photo

Posted in freelance, lightroom, magazine photography, photography on October 24, 2009 by chris

chris owens photo

this week i officially launched a separate photography division of dpi creative services: chrisowensphoto.  this was primarily a branding decision; i wasn’t getting enough recognition, for lack of a better term, with dpi as my primary photography brand.  having my name attached to my photography personalizes my work and attaches my name to it in a strong way.

i’m excited about this direction, as new business is already coming in.  i’ve got an event shoot in a couple of days, and a headshot project for a local company in the near future.


website re-launch

Posted in design, dreamweaver, freelance, lightroom, magazine photography, photography, photoshop, sitegrinder, web design on February 4, 2009 by chris


Last night I discovered, by good fortune, that my website was down (due to a corrupt .xml file, I think). As I’ve been actively promoting my business in 2009, this was not good. So I took the opportunity to do a complete re-design and upgrade.

The new design is something I’ve been kinda tinkering with for a couple of weeks, but was holding onto it until I was ready to commit to re-doing the site. It’s much deeper than my original site, and gives the visitor a better look at my business and what I can do for my photography and design customers. The site was built with a combination of Photoshop, SiteGrinder, Lightroom, and Dreamweaver.

Of course, it’s not “done”; there are still a few upgrades I’m working on, especially on the contact page. I also am working on integrating joomla as I continue to learn that.

So hop on over there and take a look. All feedback is welcomed!