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announcing chris owens photo

Posted in freelance, lightroom, magazine photography, photography on October 24, 2009 by chris

chris owens photo

this week i officially launched a separate photography division of dpi creative services: chrisowensphoto.  this was primarily a branding decision; i wasn’t getting enough recognition, for lack of a better term, with dpi as my primary photography brand.  having my name attached to my photography personalizes my work and attaches my name to it in a strong way.

i’m excited about this direction, as new business is already coming in.  i’ve got an event shoot in a couple of days, and a headshot project for a local company in the near future.


website re-launch

Posted in design, dreamweaver, freelance, lightroom, magazine photography, photography, photoshop, sitegrinder, web design on February 4, 2009 by chris


Last night I discovered, by good fortune, that my website was down (due to a corrupt .xml file, I think). As I’ve been actively promoting my business in 2009, this was not good. So I took the opportunity to do a complete re-design and upgrade.

The new design is something I’ve been kinda tinkering with for a couple of weeks, but was holding onto it until I was ready to commit to re-doing the site. It’s much deeper than my original site, and gives the visitor a better look at my business and what I can do for my photography and design customers. The site was built with a combination of Photoshop, SiteGrinder, Lightroom, and Dreamweaver.

Of course, it’s not “done”; there are still a few upgrades I’m working on, especially on the contact page. I also am working on integrating joomla as I continue to learn that.

So hop on over there and take a look. All feedback is welcomed!

busy busy

Posted in magazine photography, photography, photoshop on January 12, 2009 by chris

no, i haven’t given up on the blog, although i’ve gone about 6 weeks between posts.  the good news is that actual work has kept me from updating this, but i promise i’ll be sharing the fruits of my labors soon.

an overview of things i’ve been working on that i’ll soon share:

–photos for issue #19 of WORK magazine

–3 web design projects

–a portraiture promotion for my photography business

–my successful attempt at building my own beauty dish

more updates soon!

Some recent shoots

Posted in exercise, magazine photography, photography, yoga on October 22, 2008 by chris

Yes, i’m still slacking. But take heart that fewer blog posts means that i’m getting more photography work, so that’s a good thing. Here are a couple of shots from the past weeks.

First is of Dan, an organizer/trainer for the richmond-area marathon & 10k training teams. Met him at 7am (!) last saturday to get some shots before he and his team started their run. I’m really happy with the way this one turned out–thanks to Dan for standing still enough for my concept to work!

And this is Leslie of om mama yoga–yoga classes for women with child. She (and the patient moms-to-be) allowed me to invade her class last week to get a few shots for the story. i don’t know much about yoga or being pregnant, but it seemed like a good thing to be doing.

more to come…