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Spanish for “slacker”

Posted in miscellaneous, photography, spain on October 6, 2008 by chris

I know, it’s been about a year since my last post. Or it seems like it, at least. But September was busy! As the pic above shows, we spent some time in Spain (my first trip to Europe). We visited the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla, and had an amazing time. Already wanting to go back.

September was professionally busy, as well. Had a full plate of assignments for the latest issue of WORK Magazine, plus a corporate shoot for Smarter Interiors. So while there hasn’t been much action on the blog, away from the computer it’s been hectic. I’ll put up some shots from the issue later this week.

Assignments are starting to roll in for the next issue of Sports Backers Quarterly, so I’m looking forward to those opportunities. Always a challenge to be original with these shots of athletes, so we’ll see what happens.